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Rules of the game


The rules of betting

1. General Provisions

1.1. The betting shop takes bets for sporting and other events taking place in Kazakhstan and beyond. All bets are accepted only in accordance with these Regulations.

Bets are accepted only from those who agree with the rules established by the betting shop. Any bid is an absolute confirmation that the client knows these Terms and agree with them.

Bets and deposits (credited to the account) shall be taken from individual persons aged 18 and over (the residents of Kazakhstan must be aged 21 and over). Responsibility for violation of this provision lies with the clients.

In case of fraud associated with financial transactions and betting, perpetrators are pros-ecuted, as far as criminal.

The betting shop has the right not to accept bets from the persons who do not respect these rights.

The betting shop reserves the right to introduce changes and additions to these Rules and the customers will be aware of the changes.

In order to prevent fraud and other conflict situations the betting shop may require the customer to certify his identity.

2. Basic concepts and terms

2.1. Player – a party to an agreement entered into a bet with the betting shop.

Bet - a condition made between two parties under which the loser has to fulfill his obliga-tion/-s (to pay the predetermined amount of money). The bet is made in the form of betting by customers on the terms and conditions previously proposed by the betting shop.

Line - a list of events and their outcomes with the coefficients of gain proposed by the betting shop for betting.

Bit - the amount of cash assets, which the client invests in a specific upcoming events or event-ment, the outcome of which is not known at the time of betting, predicting one of the options for the outcome of the event or events.

Outcome - the result of the event on which the betting shops offered a bet.

Profit coefficient/ Odds - the quotes of various research-stroke events proposed by the betting shop.

Receipt - an individual paper document, which reflects the amount of each bet, coefficients of each bet and all bets on the whole as well as the time of the event.

Arbitration case ("Discrepancy") - a situation that arises when the coefficients, which allows to make bets violating the integrity of betting (i.e., excluding a losing situation). For ex-ample, the first on the "П1" was given the ratio 2.1 and then the same ratio was given for "П2". If we make the same bets on П 1 and П2 (for example, 100 tenge), in any case the betting shop loses (100 * 2.1 = 210, the amount of the bets: 100 +100 = 200, the net gain of the gambler is 10 tenge).

3. The main types of bets

3.1. Single bet is a bet on the outcome of one single event. The winning is equal to the amount of the product of the bet sum on the outcome coefficient set by the betting shop.

Express bet is a bet on the simultaneous prediction of several outcomes, which are completely independent one from another. The winning on the express equal to the product of the bet on the Express bet coefficient. The Express Coefficient is obtained by multiplying the coefficients of all the events included in this rapid. Express is won if all outcomes correctly predicted all the events included in the Express. The loss at least on one of the outcomes means complete loss of the express rate.

System is a full combination expresses of the given size from the predetermined outcomes in the number of events. In case of bet on the system it is necessary to indicate the total number of the outcomes and dimension of one Express (a version of the system). The winning on the system is the sum of the winning on the expresses within the system.

Notional rate is a chain of normal rates (ordinary level, express or system). Singularity of this rate is that only the first (main) part of the rate is charged and the money to other (conven-tional) rates are taken from the first part of the winning bid in the given chain. The conventional rates should not include the events from the first part of the bid. If the entire bulk lost, all the contingencies ones would lose as well. If the winning the main part of the bid is insufficient to pay at least a notional rate for any reason, all the conditional rates are excluded from the card (i.e., payment of the gains is made on the basic rate). 


4. The main types of outcomes

4.1. The win of the first team is denoted in the line with the sign "1".

Draw is denoted by "X".

The win of the second team is denoted in the line with the sign "2".

The win of the first team or a draw - is indicated by "1X". To win at such a rate is necessary not to lose for the first team. It means that it has to win or tie.

The win of the first team or the second team win is indicated by "12". For winning at such rate it is necessary to win for the first or the second team. That means the draw.

The Second team win or a draw in the line is denoted with the sign "X2". To win at such a rate is necessary not to lose for the second team. That means the win of the second team or its draw.

You may bet on the event taking into account the odds that is denoted in the line with the sign "F". The handicap is said to be an advantage or delay a competitor, as expressed in goals/points/sets/ etc, which is available and presented by the betting shop for the participator at the rates on it. To determine the outcome of the bet to the actually pocketed goals by the team, which made the rate, subtracted (if the handicap is negative) or added (if the handicap is positive) to the selected team handicap (handicap on the second team not taken into account). If after that the match result is obtained in favor of the selected team, the bet is won. In the case of a draw - the rate must be returned. For example, if the first team set a negative handicap "-1", and the match ended:
 a) With the score of 0:0, the bet is lost;
 b) 1:0, the bet is returned;
 c) 2:0, the bet is won.
If the established positive handicap is "+0.5" and the match ended:
 a) With the score of 0:1, the bet is lost;
 b) With the a score of 0:0 or 1:0, the bet is won.

Total is the number of the goals scored (abandoned washers, scores, etc.) in the match. The correct prediction is needed for getting winning: more "Б" or less "M" will be the goals in the match. When determining the results the playing time specified in these Regulations are taken into account unless otherwise indicated in the line. Determining the individual totals only the goals scored to the opponent are included. When it is injected into the Total, the payment is made with the coefficient "1". With rates like "Total even / odd" and zero result, the rates for "Total is even" are considered as won.

Betting on the specific score of the match.

Time Match Betting. It is necessary to guess the outcome of both the first half and the match in this wager. The initials are used in the line to denote the outcomes.
W1/W1– the win of the first team in the first half and the win of the first team in the match;
W1/X – the win of the first team in the first half and the draw in the match;
W1/W2 – the win of the first team in the first half and the win of the second team in the match;
W2/W2 – the win of the second team in the first half and the win of the second team in the match;
W2/Х – the win of the second team in the first half and the draw in the match;
W2/W1 – the win of the second team in the first half and the win of the first team in the match;
Х/W1 - the draw in the first half and win of the first team in the match;
Х/Х – the draw in the first half and the draw in the match;
Х/W2 - the draw in the first half and the win of the second team in the match;

Betting on the statistics of the tour or the game day. If the tour did not include at least one match, then the bets on the tour statistics must be returned, except for the interest rates calculated on the basis of clearly identified results of the previous game days of the tour or on the basis of the results of the events that ended by the time of the failed event.

Betting on individual performance of players. If the player did not get to the field (or did not start) the bets on the indicators of such player shall be surrendered. For participants who started but did not finish the event, the calculation of indicators is based on the actual results at the time of withdrawal (Ret) and for the purpose of calculating such participants are assigned the last place in the final report.Own goals do not count. If no player is left in the starting lineup, the odds for bets on him shall be taken as "1."

Betting on the outcome of either half, periods, quarters, etc. If the event has been declared invalid, but the first time (the period, etc.) was completed, the rate for the first time is calculated in the usual manner, even if the bet on the event as a whole shall be surrendered.

4.14. Passage. To win you have to guess which team will be next. Bets on the outcome of the confrontation as a whole are accepted and the winner becomes the team that is allowed to play in the next round of the competition with the possibility of additional time and / or a series of penalties.

4.15. Winner. To win you have to guess which team will win the match. Bets on the outcome of the confrontation as a whole are accepted and the winner is the team that win the competition with the support of additional time and / or penalties.

4.16. The betting shops may offer other various types of betting.

5. Rules of betting

5.1. Bets are accepted on the basis of the line that is the list of upcoming events with the quotes proposed by the betting shop or the coefficients of the outcome of the proposed events for betting. Quotations are the subject to change after any bets, but the conditions made previously must remain the same. Before you bet the gamblers have to figure out all the changes in the line.

5.2. Receiving repeated bets on the same outcome or for the virtually same combination of the outcomes from one client may be limited by the decision the betting shop.

5.3. The betting shop reserves the right to refuse any bid and / or limit the maximum bid for the gambler without any explanation of the reasons for such decision.

5.4. Bets are accepted up to the event. Bets placed after the start of the event (except rates “Live” - Live Betting) regardless of the reasons recognized as valid and non-refundable and are excluded from the express ones.

5.5. The date and time specified in the line and / or the card are referred to the time of acceptance finishing for the event and not by the time when the match starts. The wrongly specified date is not the grounds for cancellation of the bids except as provided in paragraph 5.5. of these Regulations. The start time of events for calculatiom of the rates is determined by the actual time when the event started, which is determined on the basis of official documents of the organization conducting the competition.

5.6. The betting shop is not responsible and does not accept any claim regarding the correctness of the translation of the names of the competitors and other events from any foreign languages.

5.7. In the case of human error, software failures at admission rates (obvious typographical errors in the coefficients, the mismatch of the coefficients in different positions, etc.) and other arguments supporting the incorrect rate, the betting shop has the right to praclame the data rates invalid. The heads of the betting shop reserves their absolute and unconditional right to cancel any bet made on knowingly false or a malfunctioning line and after the event.

5.8. The changes in the receipts as well as the claims for the correctness of filling shall be taken only within ten minutes after acceptance of the rates.

5.9. In case of a team competition the following terms are used:
"Masters" is the host team on the field where the match is held.
"Guests" is the guest team in the line.
Betting shops place the team-owners on the 1st place and indicate them with the sign "1") and the visiting teams are denoted with the sign “2” (denoted by "2"). In other cases (for example, a cup competition as a single match or an international competition taking place in one country) the numbering of the competitors in the line is conditional only and the data on the venue have an informative nature.

5.10. The calculation of the rates is fulfilled on the basis of the results announced by the the betting shop only.

5.11. All the clients are not allowed to put on the events if he participates in these events. If you suspect any such breach the betting shop has the right to suspend the payment of his winning bets and to return to the client.

6. Special Conditions

6.1. In the case of transfer of the events to no more than 3 days from the date specified in the line, betting on the events are to be saved for more than 3 days and then all the bets are non-refundable, but from the "Expresses" are excluded (except provided for in sections on sports).
The event is considered valid if it is interrupted, not completed within 24 hours and if it played no less than:
 - Football - 60 min.
 - Basketball NBA - 40 min.
 - Evrobasketbol - 35 min.
 - Hockey NHL - 54 min.
 - Evrohokkey (including Russia) - 50 min.
 - Hockey - 60 min.
 - American football - 50 min.
 - Baseball - 5 innings.

The exception is a tie score at the time of the stop in those kinds of games where a draw is not allowed: in baseball, American football and playoff NHL and NBA. In these cases, matches are not held and the payment is made with a coefficient of "1".
If any match is not completed and is considered valid, the result at the time of stopping game and the result is used to calculate all the rates without exception.
If any match is not completed and considered to have failed, those outcomes that are uniquely determined by the time of their stopping (for example, the outcome of the first half, the first goal scored etc.) are accepted for payment at the rates. All the other rates are paid with the coefficient "1".

6.2. In case of cancellation or change of the result (the protest, doping, etc.) for setting off the initial result must be taken. The actual result is announced on the basis of official records and other official sources of information directly in the following completion of the event.

6.3. In the event of the match on a neutral ground - the rates are preserved when moving the match on the field of the opposing team is non-refundable, but are excluded from the "express". In the case of transfer of the match from one city the bets are valid and not a subject to return regardless of the field. In case of the international matches the return of the rate is fulfilled only when the match is transferred to another country.

6.4. If one of the participants of a tennis match refuses to continue the game for any reason (or he/she is disqualified) lesions are counted for him/her in all the remaining games and sets and the payment is made on the result obtained. If the refusal (disqualification) came forth before the match (the first strike on the ball in the first game of the first set), then there is a return rate. If a tennis match is interrupted, not completed on the same day and / or postponed, bets on it remain in force until the end of the tournament, in which the match was held.

6.5. Only the results announced by the betting shop are the basis of calculations for the rates. The source for such results is official records and other official sources of information. The video Image is not taken into account. The results announced by other betting shops are not official sources of information for the betting shop.

6.6. The Expresses and the system should not include dependent events, events of one-of achieving the same match and betting on one player or team in one tournament (for example, to win the tournament and win in a match) is not directly related but having a indirect relationship. Such bids shall be returned and in the case if a computer program admission rates did not block the reception of the bet.

6.7. The client must verify the completion card to the requirements of these Regulations as in the case of an error regardless of the perpetrator of the incident and the cause of this situation the betting shop reserves the unconditional right to return the rates.

6.8. Any claims on correctness of filling cashier receipts must be submitted within 10 minutes after the issuance of receipts. Otherwise the bet is the real-term one even if the error was caused by a cashier-operator. Any claims by customers over the already placed bets after 10 minutes after the issuance of the receipts are not accepted. Betting “LIVE” are non-refundable or remoted.

6.9. The claims on any disputed matters shall be taken on the basis of written statements within 10 days from the date of summing up at the appropriate rate. When this period is over any claims will be accepted. In controversial situations, with no precedents, a final decision is made by the betting shop. The fact of the client’s fulfillment of any bet at the the betting shop means unconditional acceptance of the client with the fact that windows-final decision on any disputed issue of the host administration the betting shop and is final for the firm and the client. The claims made in the presence of official documentary evidence the disputed facts of the organization, which conducted the competition.

6.10. If the participant knowingly made a bet on the event, the result of which he knew in this case the betting shop reserves the right the cancellation of sums of non-return rate. The formal decision of this kind is taken office after a specially investigation including judicial officials and law enforcement agencies while the bet is blocked. In the presence of indirect and direct evidence of a contractual nature of a game, not-fair sport and a fighting the betting shop reserves the right to cancel bids and declare them null and void to make payments on them by a factor to be equal to "1".

6.11. The bets on all the events accepted by most of the time unless otherwise stated in the Rules or in line. If you are betting on the result taking into account the overtime it is additionally indicated and is said to be in line (for example, the rate is "On. FROM” in hockey). The results of sporting events are recognized only after the main time was played (90 minutes in football or 60 minutes in hockey). A bet on a game is considered void and shall be paid by a factor of "1" if the game was not played or canceled.

6.12. The rate is considered successful if the result satisfies all the conditions of the interest. Unless otherwise specified it is referred to the first such event in the match (for example, rates of "Goal before LC" at least one goal should be scored or one yellow card should be shown and the first goal must be scored before the first LCD. In all other cases: a goal is not scored, the LCD is not the first LCD before the first goal - the rate is considered to be a loser).

6.13. The betting shop reverses the right to declare the interest (or their part thereof) invalid (in these cases the payment is made with a coefficient of "1") or to suspend payment until completion of the proceedings (including judicial) under the following situations:
 a) In the case of human error in the office betting (obvious typographical errors in the proposed list of events, the mismatch of the coefficients at a rate in line, etc.);
 b) If there is evidence of unfair wrestling;
 c) The retreat from these regulations in the process of betting was registered;
 d) When a group of participants of the bet acting in concert, bids are made to circumvent the existing limitations (to the maximum payout, arbitrage opportunities, etc.);
 e) When it detects cracking or obvious software errors;
 f) If there are other arguments supporting the incorrect rates.

7. Restrictions on conditions of admission rates

7.1. The minimum bet on any event is set for each office individually.

7.2. The maximum amount of bets on the event depends on the sport and the event and is determined by the the betting shop as specifically for each event and on each bet type and under-lying changes without prior notification of any kind. The betting shop reserves the right to limit the maximum and minimum bid amount for individual events as well as the introduction and removal of restrictions of any kind to any customer without notice and any explanation of the reasons for these restrictions.

7.3. The maximum payout per one ticket is 6 million tenge.

8. Calculation of rates and payments to customers

8.1. Party payments are made in cash in the betting shops of the company within 3 (three) banking days after the last event specified in the card based on the original receipt. In case of loss of the benefit receipt the winning cannot be paid. The winning amount not demanded by the gambler within 30 days is canceled.

8.2. Calculation of the card is produced at the end of the last event mentioned in it not depending on the results of the prior events described in this card.

8.3. Payments to the participator of betting from the online account is reviewed within 3 banking days after making the request by the owner of the Internet account.

8.4. Payments from the Internet betting accounts via the point of betting (PPP) are fulfilled after verifying the documents certifying the identity of the owner the Internet account.

 9. Football Bets

9.1. Footbal bets are accepted only on the outcome of the normal time including the compensated time. The compensated time during the 1st half is 45 minutes. The compensated time during the 2nd half is 90 minutes.

9.2. In all cases the rates associated with the number of alerts of the players and their disposals are not counted. If a player was sent off for two yellow cards only one card may be counted. The cards shown to the reserve players and coaches are nottaken into account.

9.3. When playing with a handicap are allowed to purchase a half of a goal, the coefficient de-creases (for each match individually according to the line).

9.4. It is proposed to play a passage to the next round for the cup competitions consisting of multiple matches. The passage is determined by the sum of all the matches taken place.

9.5. It is possible to bet on individual “total scores” of the team (under the coefficients). The return of the rate is possible when it is injected into the "Total".

9.6. The bets on the first goal the first player scoring the first goal, the “Total scores” of the first and second halves, the 1st yellow card/cards and other types of bets are accepted as well. The gamblers are offered to guess the ordinal minute, where an event occurs. The exact time for the calculation of these rates is determined without seconds counting. For example, the time of the 1st second goal, if the first goal is scored when the beginning of the match goes on for 00 min and 10 seconds is the 1st minute goal, 04 minutes 10 seconds is a 5 minute goal, 04 minutes 59 seconds is a 5 minute goal, 05 minutes 00 sec is a 6 minute goal.

9.7. The first goal. The gamblers are invited to guess the minute of the first scored goal. If there were no goals scored during the match the bets made for the outcome 0:0 will won.

9.8. Betting on the MLS championship matches are taken into account with the additional time (over-time), except the independently noted cases.

9.9. Double (hat-trick and poker) in a match.
The rates "would be a double" are won if a player scored two or more goals.
The rates "would be a hat-trick” are won if a playerscored three or more goals.
The rates "would be a poker" are won if a player scored four or more goals.
When betting on the performance of players, the oals scored to his own goal, his figures are not counted. The bets relating to the command performance the goals scored by the team into their own goal are recorded as score of their opponents.

9.10. Betting on individual players are real if player appeared on the field during a match (in the first team or as a substitute).

9.11. Betting on the showings expressed as a percentage (% of possession, etc.) the index rounded to a whole according to the rules of arithmetic is taken to calculate the value.

9.12. Corner goals betting. The bets on the number of the corner kicks in the match. The bets are accepted during the period of the regular time of the match.

9.13. Removal. The gamblers are offered to guess whether or not any of the players would be removed (shown a red card). The bets are accepted during the period of the regular time of thr match. The card shown to the player not involved in the corresponding match or after its com-pletion is not counted.

9.14. The team will not miss. The gamblers are offered to guess missing a goal during the period of the regular time. There are two possible outcomes: "Yes" and "No". The bets are accepted during the period of the regular time of the match.

9.15. Corner goals. The gamblers are offered to guess which team will give more corner goals during the match. The bets are accepted during the period of the regular time of the match.

9.16. Replacement. The gamblers are offered to guess how many replacements will be made during the match. The bets are accepted during the period of the regular time of the match including the compensated time. The additional time is not counted.

10. Hockey Bets 

10.1. Bets on all championships are accepted for the normal time, unless otherwise indicated.
10.2. It is possible to increase the positive or negative odds for a half-goal during hockey matches. In this case, the odds decrease.

10.3. During hockey matches except the matches on periods it is possible to increase or decrease the total number of abandoned goals for 0.5. In this case, the odds decrease.

10.4. The individual total of the player. It is necessary to identify the individual total of the player using the system "Goal + pass". All the bets on individual players totals are accepted taking into account the overtime but without over match bullits. If the player did not participate in the match all the bets are calculated with return (the coefficient "1").

10.5. The betting shop offers its customers a variety of additional options to bet on hockey with their content in a daily line.

11. Tennis Bets

11.1. If after the start of the match one of the participants refused to continue to play or is dis-qualified to continue all the remaining matches and sets he is a loser. If the refusal of the par-ticipant to continue the match or his disqualification occurred prior to the start of the match, bets are void and have to be returned to the gamblers.

11.2. The handicap and total for a tennis match are specified in games.

11.3. If the rules are changed (the planned five set match became consisted of three ones or vice versa) then the rates are to be returned.

11.4. In case of replacing one or more members of any team during team competitions for any reason, bets on the outcome of the match remain valid: in the doubles match, if you have specified the composition of the pairs, by replacing at least one of the participants, the coefficient of the winningon the bets is equal to "1" if the composition is not specified the bets remain valid.

11.5. The data about the courts covering are informative. All bets on the match remain in force in case of replacement of the cover.

11.6. In case of suspension of the match (for example, due to the weather conditions and darkness) the bets are not raffled until the match completing. The suspension of the match is not the reason for the rates cancellation even if the match is planned to be finished on the next day.

12. Baseball bets

12.1. Bets are accepted on the final outcome of the match with all the possible additional periods (innings). If a match is abandoned, not completed or moved to another day, the return of the rate takes place. If the two identical matches take place on one day, then the result is considered on the first of them.

12.2. Purchasing is not fulfilled for baseball.

13. Basketball bets

13.1. Basketball matches and the stakes LIVE are played and calculated with allowance for possible overtime, unless otherwise indicated in the daily line. Exceptions are the events for which the line is given the outcome of a draw ("X"), in which case bets on "П1", "X", " П 2", "1X", "12", "X2" are accepted for the normal time. Betting on the "Total" and "Handicap" shall be taken with allowance for overtime (OT).

13.2. If the player, who is offered for betting on the individual total is on on the field the rate is to be returned.

14. Bets on boxing

14.1. The battle lasting N rounds and more if the signal to start the N-th round (N - number of the round is given in the line). If a boxer will stop the fight before the start of the round, does not respond to gong or is disqualified for any reason during the break between the rounds, the battle is considered to be consummated at the end of the previous round. If a boxer is disqualified it is considered that he lost the fight. If the intended duration of the battle or the number of rounds deliberately changed, all bets will be void. If a fight is the recognition as 'invalid' all bets will be void as well.

15. Betting on billiards (snooker)

15.1. All bets on billiards remain in force until the end of the tournament in which the matches are held. Matches can last several days if it is required by the regulations of the competitions.

15.2. If one of the players refuses to continue the game or he is disqualified from the match for any reason, then he is considered as a loser for all the rest parties not completed by him and the bet is calculated on the obtained result.

15.3. If the rules of the match are changed, then the bet on the winning player of the match remained in the game and wagers on the odds and total are declared void and ate to be returned to the gambler.

16. Bets on Formula 1 and other racing

16.1. The warming up lap is included to the race rating.

16.2. If the both racers leave the winner of the pair is the one who has more laps according to the official protocol.

16.3. The places of the racers are determined according to the official final protocol published immediately after the race. The subsequent race disqualification of the racers and change of the protocol shall not be considered.

16.4. Controversial situations. The criterion for bets on the winner and podium. The procedure of awarding.

16.5. The winner is the driver who took first place in the final classification.

17. Hockey Bets

17.1. Betting on hockey are accepted only during the period of the normal time (apart from the stipulated cases).

17.2. If a match is not completed for any reason until the end of the normal time - the rates are to be returned.

17.3. It is allowed to purchase a half of a goal both on handicap and the total. In this case, the coefficient decreases. The return of the rates take place when it is injected into the handicap or total.

18. Biathlon Bets

18.1. The final results of the races are determined according to the official protocol race pub-lished at the official site immediately after the completion end. Followed-by disqualification and any change in the final protocol are voided.

19. Bets on Rugby League and Rugby Union

19.1. Bets on Rugby League and Rugby Union are accepted only on the outcome of normal time, including injury time. The compensated time of the 1st half is the 40th minute. The compensated time of the 2nd half is the 80th minute.

20. Cricket Bets

20.1. If the match is officially declared as a match with no result all bets on this match were calculated with return. If a match was affected by external factors (e.g. bad weather), the rates are set based on the official rules of the competition (including matches based on mathematical calculations such as the method of Duckworth-Lewis (DL) or system Джейадевана Jeyadevana (VJD).

21. American Football Bets (NFL)

21.1. Bets on the outcome of matches are accepted taking into account all possible overtime.

21.2. If the match is interrupted all bets for "Winning of one of the teams" will be void except the cases where 55 minutes of the match were expired or the official result had been appointed by the Association of the NFL. All other items will be considered as a draw except those ones for which the results are determined unequivocally after 55 minutes of the match were expired, in which case all bets remain valid. If a match is postponed for more than three days all bets are drawn.

22. Other Sports Bets 

22.1. Volleyball, snooker, billiards, darts and other species, where matches are held on the basis of a fixed number of games, frames, etc. If a participant does not finish the match (for whatever reason), the winner is the player progressing to the next round. Handball, football, water polo and rugby are taken into account only the regular time.

23. Internet rates

23.1. In order to make online bets the user must register himself on the site of the betting shop «MEGABET.KZ» www.Megabet.kz. At the process of registration the user agrees to provide accurate and not outdated information fill in his form. Failure to do so may cause a denial of payment. The user in the future is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and for all acts committed by his or her account.

23.2. The betting shop shall take all possible measures to prevent the leakage of confidential information provided by the user during registration and is obliged: not to give any information under no circumstances to the persons, who are not the employees of the office and not related to the internet rates fulfillment. The only exceptions are the cases stipulated by law. All gamblers agree that the responsibilities the office are limited only by its servers. The betting shop "MEGABET.KZ" takes no responsibility for the security and confidentiality of information that users transfer over the net outside the betting shop servers.

23.3. The betting shop "MEGABET.KZ" shall do everything possible to ensure normal-work system.

23.4. Users agree not to use the system online betting for carrying out of any acts contrary to the Kazakhstan or International law.

23.5. The internet bets are accepted from persons over 18 years old (for citizens of Kazakhstan - 21 years old), according to the proposed by the beting shop terms of betting. Responsibility for the violations of the item is born by participants only. The activities of betting shops are prohibited in some countries. Responsibility for compliance with the laws of the country is born by gamblers.

23.6. The terms of betting (odds, ratios, totals, restrictions on expresses and so on) can be changed after any rate with the conditions previously placed bets are unchanged.

23.7. The betting participant can use his “Gambler’s wallet” for sports events betting only at the the betting shop. All other operations (transfer of funds to other payment systems, payment for various services, etc.) are prohibited. Having the second wallet of the same gambler is not allowed.

23.8. The betting shop reserves the right to refuse admission rates to any person without giving a reason, and also refuse to register on the site and / or remove the purse in case of obvious violations of the gamblers. In this case, the made payment on the fulfilled bets has the coefficient "1".

23.9. Clients are not allowed to put on the events if he participates in these events. If you are suspected any such breach, the betting shop has the right to suspend payment of the won bets and to return them to the client.

23.10. Payment of winnings is fulfilled in the currency of the game account, which the client indicates at the moment of the registration.

23.11. The fees and commission expenses (bank, mail, etc.) estimated between the betting shop and betting members are born by members.

23.12. In the cases of incorrect calculation of the interest rates (due to technical failure, when you entered these results event ratios, etc.) the erroneously calculated rates are subject to re-calculation.

23.13. The final decision is made by the betting shop in case of controversial situations without precedent.

23.14. The results displayed in the Live-rates are for informational purposes and their absolute accuracy is not guaranteed.

23.15. The betting shop cannot guarantee fulfillment of the payment to the gamblers with the ways selected by them (for example, in the absence of the required amount in the account WebMoney, etc.). In this case the betting shop may recommend the withdrawal of the money from the account by other means (e.g. through a bank).

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